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Finding someone to spend time with who you like can be really difficult and this is mainly due to the reluctance of people to be truly honest. We all do it! If you think about it, you will tend to enhance your assets just a little when it comes to filling out the details we put down when we are filling out the forms on one of the many online dating websites that we tend to prefer.


Most of us will put down the image of ourselves of what we would like to be. This results in some creative writing when it comes to the details. Men, and women for that matter, will not describe their hair as balding for this portrays what is though of as a less virile image. Better to go for distinguished or very short.


Height is another detail we will easily change if we think that your ideal partner will prefer a shorter or taller person. Of course weight is the one that so many of us tend to change just a little to what we would prefer to be, or what we expect to be.

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Honesty is The Best Policy for Dating



The details we record on the online dating websites is the image that we would to portray and it is easy to write an image of yourself that is slightly different from what others see. Adding details into these online dating services is relatively easy as there is no one to check the details. You should ask yourself how accurate the information you have written is. If it is honest then you will feel more at ease when you first meet your online date in the flesh.


Sure, appearances are important, but one of the best attributes you can put into your online dating profile is to state you are honest. It is one of the main strengths of a relationship no matter if you are after a short dating relationship or something more long term. Be honest. It will not only increase your chances of finding someone online but it will also benefit your daily life.


If you want to be attractive, smile and be happy for your inner self will shine through and this is the true beauty others will see when you try dating.

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